Major Assignment

11/7: Drafting Workshop

You have all class period today to work on your Rhetorical Analysis of Local Activism website.

As a reminder, I want to see the following pages on your website:

  • Exigence as homepage & introduction
  • Rhetor
  • Audience
  • Constraints
  • Works Cited

Each page above should engage both the activist organization you’ve chosen AND Grant-Davie’s article (available on Blackboard). I will show you how to create a new website and give editorial access to your partner.

I will circulate to answer questions.


DUE TUES, 11/14: DRAFT WEBSITES of the Rhetorical Analysis of Local Activism are due IN CLASS. We will be looking at your work together. You must have a draft available in class next Tuesday to get credit for your work.

READ Stommel’s “Ungrading: An Introduction.” Consider his argument about the harm that grading does to students, and think about how this applies to your own experience.

DUE TH 11/9, Post Blog #6: How should your Rhetorical Analysis of Local Activism website be assessed? Cite Stommel in your response.

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