Major Assignment

11/21: Introducing the Poster Project

In preparation for the Poster Project, we looked together at this poster from Visualizing Palestine and a poster from Kidnapped from Israel.

  • Which of these texts persuade you to take action, change something, think differently, and/or raise your awareness?
  • What choices did the author(s) make that you found effective? Why did you find them effective?

We will take some time in class writing quietly and individually about a social issue you care about. This will be a draft of Blog Post 7.


READ Cushman’s “The Rhetorician as an Agent of Social Change,” available on Blackboard.

WRITE Blog Post 7, DUE NEXT CLASS 11/28. Brainstorming the Poster Project: Identify a problem that matters to you by focusing on exigence and audience:


  • Who needs access/inclusion/justice/advocacy and for what?
  • What causes or caused the issue you want to address?
  • What research supports your exigence? Based on this research, will your advocacy focus more on the problem, solutions to the problem, or both? Explain.


  • Who is your target audience? (Whom do you need help from to advocate and/or make change?)
  • What do you want to say to them?

Finally, in this post, I invite you to tell me if you’d like to work individually on this final project or in a group. I also invite suggestions about what platform you’d choose to create your final poster.