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10/26: Adding Rhetors to our list of Constituents

As we start class, ensure you’re sitting with your partner for the Rhetorical Analysis of Local Activism assignment. I’m tracking the groups and their chosen organizations here.

We’ll think for a bit about what we understand the word “constituents” to mean. You’ve already taken some time to understand exigence as a constituent in the rhetorical situation, so today we’ll move through Grant-Davie’s text to better understand his definition of rhetors . Access Grant-Davie’s article “Rhetorical Situations and Their Constituents” on our Blackboard site. We’ll use class time to read pages 269-272 and write initial definitions of rhetor.

With your partner, begin to apply these definitions of rhetor to the organization you will research for the Rhetorical Analysis of Local Activism assignment. If you haven’t chosen an organization yet, talk to your partner about social causes that are important to you both.

SAVE ANY writing you do today in response to the above prompt. You will be using this next class to continue drafting your Rhetorical Analysis of Local Activism project next week.


Come to class prepared to work in pairs and use Keith Grant-Davie’s text to define the audience of your organization.

During our class on Tuesday, October 31, you will be actively drafting towards the Rhetorical Analysis of Local Activism assignment. Be prepared to define terms. You will get credit for in-class writing you do on 10/31!!! Halloween candy will be available to keep us all motivated!